A fire burning in a fireplace.

Air Quality and domestic heating

Open fires and wood-burning stoves have risen in popularity over recent years. This means we now see more smoke from chimneys which has a negative effect on air quality and can cause breathing problems such as asthma attacks and contribute to other health conditions.

This leaflet, published by Defra, provides information on simple steps to reduce the environmental and health impacts of wood burning stoves or open fires.

Open fires and running stoves.

If you are thinking of purchasing a stove, consider EcoDesign Ready stoves, since they can emit up to 80 per cent less pollution than a normal Defra approved appliance. An up to date list of these stoves can be found on the HETAS website.

For more good practice tips, check advice on www.Burnright.co.uk or www.which.co.uk/reviews/wood-burning-stoves/article/guides.