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You are what you breathe

Home air purifiers 

LEVOIT Smart Air Purifier for Home book cover

LEVOIT Smart Air Purifier for Home

H13 HEPA Air Filter with Real Time Air Quality Sensor

Amazon Basics Air Purifier book cover

Amazon Basics Air Purifier

CADR 400m³/h, Large Room 48m² (516ft2) with True HEPA Activated Carbon Filter Removes 99.97% of Allergies, Dust, Smoke, Intelligent Air Quality Sensor

Philips Series 800 Compact Air Purifier book cover

Philips Series 800 Compact Air Purifier

Real Time Air Quality Feedback, up to 48 m², 190 m³/h CADR, Anti-Allergen, Reduces Odours and Gases, HEPA and NanoProtect filter

Air quality sensors

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor book cover

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Know your air, Works with Alexa, Certified for Humans device

Temtop Air Quality Detector book cover

Temtop Air Quality Detector

PM2.5 PM10 Particle Monitor Professional Laser Air Quality Sensor Meter Accurate Testing


Clearing the Air book cover

Clearing the Air

The beginning and the End of Air Pollution

Air pollution has become the world's greatest environmental health risk, and science is only beginning to reveal its wide-ranging effects. Globally, 19,000 people die each day from air pollution, killing more than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and car accidents combined.

Choked book cover


The Age of Air Pollution and the Fight for a Cleaner Future

Every year, air pollution prematurely kills seven million people around the world, in rich countries and poor ones. It is strongly linked to strokes, heart attacks, many kinds of cancer, premature birth and dementia, among other ailments.

Ecosafe Driving book cover

Ecosafe Driving

DVSA Safe Driving for Life Series

Do you want to save money and do your bit for the environment? Packed full of essential information for your life on the road, itincludes sections on driving economically, buying an eco-friendly vehicle and planning your journey.